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C Summit 2021

Gepost op 10 november 2021
The C Summit is the first European Corporate Philanthropy and Social Investing Summit that gathers corporate social investors (CSIs, e.g. corporate foundations, impact funds, social businesses), corporate managers and CEOs keen on exploring the unique opportunities of corporate social investing, as well as academics and consultants interested in the topic or working with CSIs.

Accelerating climate change and increasing social inequalities, which have been further spurred by the global pandemic, urgently require us to mobilise more resources for societal impact. While the private sector has a vast amount of resources and expertise which could play a vital role in developing long-lasting and sustainable solutions, a stakeholder capitalism that serves everyone is far from becoming reality. The move towards impact-driven societal solutions and systemic change still remains insufficient.

Join us in discussions on …

What is the unique and vital role of corporate social investors in driving societal impact and how can corporate resources be mobilised while preserving impact integrity?

How can corporate social investors develop a systemic approach integrating relevant stakeholders and developing effective collaboration through partnership? For more information and registration click here!

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