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Culture of Solidarity Fund is nominated for a European Cultural Brand Award

Gepost op 12 november 2021
Update: they won!

Quoting the Causales brand award press release: “The European Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam can be pleased about the title “European Cultural Investor”. The Culture of Solidarity Fund was established in response to the coronavirus crisis and supports innovative cultural initiatives that cross European borders, professional sectors and artistic disciplines to offer collaborative solutions to urgent as well as systemic problems in the wake of the pandemic.”

Unfortunately the ceremony in Dresden had to be canceled due to new Corona measures. We also congratulate the winners of the European Cultural Brand Awards 2021! We will receive the award, AURICA, during an individual event yet to be planned. See Causales website for more updates.

More than 110 European cultural actors competed for nomination for a European Cultural Brand Award in eight categories. We are excited our Culture of Solidarity Fund is nominated in the category “European Cultural Investor of the Year 2021”, next to Maja Hoffmann (art collector and patron of the arts, Switzerland) and Ströer Media Deutschland (partner of cities and the arts and culture scene, Germany).

For more information click here!

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